Architecture Patterns For The Party Bus

Reasons to Choose a Party Bus

Do you have a party coming up? Have you thought of any new ways to make it memorable? It’s time to move away from the typical party scene and try out something new!

You probably have something coming up that needs celebrating, why not add a fun twist and a special ride to the mix. A party bus is an ideal venue for your next event with family and friends. Book your next party on a bus and you can party all over town!

Party buses have been in high demand and their popularity is continually increasing. Most party buses provide a wide range of amenities and products that every good party needs. Plus, the luxury interiors, fun lighting, and dancing space provide VIP-level fun.

Here are 5 reasons why you should choose a party bus:

1. Quality Service

You’re a VIP, so naturally, you deserve the luxury of riding in style. Just hop on the party bus and enjoy the experience of a carefree, fun evening.  

2. On-A-Budget

If you’re on a tight budget, consider throwing a party as a group! This way you and your friends can split the expenses and have an equally excellent evening of festivities. Remember, it’s not about the money spent, but the memories made.

3. Great Amenities

Party buses often include flat-screen TVs, leather sofas, disco lights, and more. AKA, it’s set up for a good time for everyone.

4. Music

We all know that the best parties are those with good music. Hook up your device and stream whatever playlist you like through our excellent sound systems!

5. Safety

Safety doesn’t have to get in the way of a good time. Listen to the instructions from your driver, use your common sense, and don’t put yourself in any precarious situation. A wonderful benefit when using a party bus is that all your guests can drink without worrying about driving afterward since you have a professional driver on hand. Drunk driving isn’t a concern when you go the party bus route.

How to rent a party bus?

Like most successful businesses in the 21st century, the services offered by top-notch party bus rental companies can be booked both through their website and via a phone call. Furthermore, they will provide you with an easy way to get a price quote.

The process of booking a bus online is as follows:

  • Go to the rental company’s website and choose the Book Now option.
  • Choose the service type (prom, hourly, point-to-point, etc.)
  • Choose the pick-up date and time.
  • Choose the pick-up and drop-off location.
  • Specify the number of passengers on your party bus.
  • Select your vehicle.
  • Type in the final details (name, phone number, and email address).

Conversely, you can simply give your party bus rental service of choice a call and make the arrangements that way. This entire process is both efficient and hassle-free, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Why book a Party Bus?

You might also want to book a party bus when you realize the number of benefits it provides to not just the sauce of your party, but to the environment as an entity. Here are a couple of reasons why you should book a party bus:

1. Safety first

Renting a party bus means you are subscribing to not only the safest way to convey yourself to a party but also the safest way to have a party. A party may require you leaving a venue so later at night and you might be perhaps drunk or tired, a lot of road accidents in San Diego are as a result of drinking and driving and other related incidents that could easily be traced to post partying effects. Renting a party bus through the Fetii application comes with lots of benefits as a part of meeting our customer’s basic needs and one of them is a driver. So whether you are drunk after a party or simply tired, you wouldn’t be the one driving, even also, you won’t have to sleep on an uncomfortable couch in the night club or whatever venue of party you went to; after all, not every party makes room for proper accommodation. The party bus has comfortable sleeping arenas where you can lay your head and enjoy your night after a long night or day of partying.

2. Traffic Perks

A major loop in the hole that you may encounter on your so much anticipated party is when traffic slows your journey. How terrible will that be for a party you so much wanted to attend. The party bus allows you to even hold your party in the bus before getting there.

3. Eco-Friendly

Party buses preserve the eco-system and atmospheric purity. You might wonder how? The spacious nature of party buses allows it to give room for up to 50 occupants at the same time; it then means that the carbon or fuel that would be burnt per 50 persons will be burnt in a single party bus. Our party buses are also fuel-efficient so it contributes less in terms of toxifying the atmosphere.

4. Stay and Go There Together

The party bus gives room for you to accommodate a lot of friends, guests, family members, and a lot of other people you want to be with you and share that memorable moment with you. You can all have a pleasant time while on-board the party bus and most importantly, you all get to arrive there at the same time, no delays, no absence.

5. Luxury and Comfortability

The party bus has a lot of features (depending on the type of bus you order from our fleet). The party bus is laced, designed and equipped with things like high-quality L.E.D lights, a bar, a spacious arena for dancing, TV’s, internet connectivity and all the imaginable multimedia items you find at a party venue.

6. Saving Cost

Being a part of a party (whether as the organizer or as the invitee) will require a large raise from your pockets; you may have to make expenses on things like cab fares, venue cost and whole lot of other list of essential catalogue a party needs. The party bus first saves you things like fuel, transport cost e.t.c. even to the extent of buying drinks and other delicacies that you might want to consider for your party menu, our services comprises of all these things as we have installed bars on most of the party buses in our fleet. Our in-bars are blessed with exotic drinks, fruits, wines and the sweets of things you might need.

Entertaining Things to Do at a Party Bus

When the word “party bus” enters your mind, you automatically think of striking disco lights and booze. For this reason, most people who are after a wholesome party tends to cross it off their list. However, there are other things you can do to experience a party bus without getting wild. If you are after a recreational and peaceful party where every guest can feel comfortable, Party Bus is perfect for you.

Here are some of the things that you can do in a party bus—minus the booze:

1. Themed party

Themed parties have been around for a long time already. You may think it’s outdated, but a lot of people still love cosplay. If you want to host an exciting and much-awaited party, plan on how you can make your guests a little creative.

You can have your party themed after your favorite books or movies that everyone can relate to. Sports is also a perfect idea if you are more on the athletic side. If none of these suit you, try searching on the internet or ask your friends.

2. Card games

If you think that a party without any booze can’t be fun, you are gravely mistaken, because a party bus is ideal for card games. With only a limited number of people present, organizing it will be easy. Moreover, there is a variety of card games to choose from, like Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Crazy eights, Go Fish, Slapjack, Codenames, and Ticket to ride.

3. Interactive Games

If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily when just sitting around, then interactive games are a better option. This will hype the crowd and increase interaction between your guests.

Here are some of the interactive game ideas that you can do:

  • Sticker stalker
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Giants, Wizards, Elves
  • Family Feud
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Bring me
  • Charades
  • Mafia

4. Movie Night

When hosting parties, it is nice to try considering other ideas for having fun that don’t include games and drinks, like a movie night. Beforehand, ask your guests to tell you their favorite movies and take a vote. You can also try playing a movie that none of your guests have ever watched.

5. Karaoke challenge

Playing music is fun, but singing along is even better. Compile random songs for your karaoke challenge. At a certain point, cut the song and make the players sing the remaining lyrics without making any mistakes.

6. Restaurant-hopping

You already have a moving party venue, so your dream of eating at any restaurant you like is not far-fetched. List your favorite restaurants and tell your driver. However, make sure that you are not going to spend beyond your budget.

Reasons Why Your Sweet 16 Should Be On A Party Bus

Celebrating a Sweet 16 is a magical time for most people. While the thought of having a big, fun party for all your friends may sound like a blast, the planning side can get very complex and stressful. There are tons of things to consider, like a theme, the venue, music, etc. The list of decisions to make may seem endless, but have you ever considered a party bus?

Here’s why your Sweet 16 should be on a Party Bus:

1. Unique experience

A Sweet 16 only happens once in your lifetime, so it must be unforgettable. Party buses offer you the unique experience of celebrating your birthday while on the road. Rather than having your party at one spot, you’ve had it all around the city.  The party bus can stop at any point along the way and let you and your friends out. So you can create a tour of your favorite places and dance the whole way there.

 2. Convenient

Planning a party takes up a lot of time and is often stressful. This is not the case when renting a party bus. They have various offers and themes to fit your style. Just tell the party bus company what you want and they’ll find a bus that works for you.

3. Right number of guests

It may seem like a party bus would be a cramped space, but that’s not often the case. Most buses comfortably hold 10-50 people—with enough dancing space for everyone! In a wide, spread out venue, it’s easy for people to separate for the group, or not get in on the fun. On a party bus, all your friends and family are around you and everyone’s in on the good times.

4. Cost-Effective

You might think that party buses will cost you a fortune but this is not true. Despite its luxurious ambiance, party buses can be very cost-friendly. Most party halls and rooms are actually pricier than a party bus rental.