Upholstery Cleaning Facts For Consumers

How to Clean Upholstery in 15 Minutes or Less What You’ll Need A vacuum, a few clean white cloths, a can of compressed air (like Dust-Off Duster; $11), gentle clear dish soap like Dawn Ultra Pure Essentials Dishwashing Liquid ($11 for 21.6 ounces), a horsehair upholstery brush ($9), and a small bucket. 5 Minutes of […]

Must Know How To Do Self Carpet Cleaning

Things That You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning To industry outsiders, carpet cleaning might sound like a straightforward process, but as cleaning professionals, we know that nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. There are multiple ways to approach almost any cleaning task, and carpet cleaning is no exception to the rule. As […]

Use Technic Move In Cleaning While You Move To A New House

How To Conduct a Complete Move In Cleaning Move in cleaning isn’t a simple task since it’s more demanding than regular cleaning. You need to pay attention to some areas you might otherwise neglect or use more effective cleaning supplies. Coming up with an efficient way to clean your apartment upon moving in will save […]