Must Know How To Do Self Carpet Cleaning

Things That You Need to Know About Carpet Cleaning

To industry outsiders, carpet cleaning might sound like a straightforward process, but as cleaning professionals, we know that nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. There are multiple ways to approach almost any cleaning task, and carpet cleaning is no exception to the rule.

As a cleaning professional, your clients are likely to ask you all kinds of questions about tasks that may fall outside your usual service scope, and they’ll expect a recommendation of some sort. In this article, you’ll find out about carpet cleaning methods.


Preconditioning helps to loosen up stubborn dirt. The choice of preconditioning agent depends on the carpet’s fabric. Use alkaline solutions when working with synthetic fiber carpets. Choose a mildly acidic solution like diluted acetic acid on woolen carpets. Now, you can use a scrubbing machine to work the preconditioning agents into the carpet. Finally, the hot water extraction tool rinses out the preconditioner together with all the embedded dirt.

Woolen carpets may need a final step if the detergent you’re using has a high pH. This can make the carpet texture hard and scratchy, but the problem is easily solved with an acetic acid solution similar to the one you used to precondition.

Vacuum Wash as a Basic Alternative

Vacuum wash systems will work on all surfaces including carpets. A wash-head sprays the water onto the surface, and it is almost immediately sucked back up. This is a relatively basic cleaning system and won’t handle heavily soiled carpets, but it is fine for light cleaning, doesn’t abrade the pile and doesn’t leave the carpet as wet.

Dry Cleaning Methods

To limit the problem of damp carpets, various cleaning methods have been developed. Some of them aren’t strictly speaking 100% dry. We could say that they are “drier” instead. Professional carpet cleaners would choose one of the following options.

Did you know that not all carpets are alike when it comes to carpet cleaning?

Here are five tips regarding cleaning unique types of carpets.

  • First thing: Have Berber carpets cleaned professionally if they look dirty. This type of carpeting features large loops, and dirt doesn’t move far beyond these loops. As a result, the carpet looks dirty when it’s dirty.
  • Second thing: Have frieze carpets cleaned professionally even if you can’t see dirt. Frieze carpets have small, twisted fibers that absorb and disperse stains widely, which means they don’t always appear dirty when they are. Vacuuming removes some dirt from frieze carpets, but to get more dirt up, you should have the carpet dry or steam cleaned professionally.
  • Third thing: Be extra careful if you have a wool carpet. You’ll need to use a special cleaning solution made just for wool carpets. The wrong type of cleaning solution can shrink wool. Wool also absorbs pigments and dyes easily, which is why you’ll want to try hard to avoid spills.
  • Fourth thing: Olefin and polyester carpets resist water-based stains well, but they’re prone to oil stains. In cleaning these carpets, you’ll need special solution made for these materials if you want to get rid of oily spots.
  • Fifth thing: Nylon carpeting resists spills but still can stain. That’s why you should clean up spills as quickly as possible from this type of carpeting. The longer you let spills sit, the worse the stain will likely be.

Carpet Cleaning Facts

  • All carpet cleaners should do a pre-vacuum at the start of the job. This is because dry soils (dust and dirt) turn to mud when they combine with moisture in the cleaning process. Mud is heavier than dry dirt and is harder to remove, so a thorough pre-vacuum will get the best possible result.
  • Most stains should be removed in the general cleaning process. Some stains that contain tannins, dyes, acids or caustics may not come out in the general cleaning process and may require specialised stain removal treatment. Unfortunately, some stains cannot be removed from carpet no matter what chemicals or cleaning processes are used.
  • An acidic conditioning rinse should be used in the cleaning process. This is because almost all cleaning chemicals are alkaline in nature and an acid balances out the cleaning products.

Things You Didn’t Know About Carpet Cleaning

It makes sense that you probably don’t overthink what goes into cleaning a carpet or unknown things about carpet cleaning. You’re busy with life, and carpets are easy to overlook. But if you have ever wondered (even just in passing) if your carpets are truly clean you’ll want to keep on reading. Here are five things you didn’t know about carpet cleaning.

They’re Dirty Even If You Vacuum A Lot

This one isn’t fun but it’s definitely still true. Carpets can play home to dust mites, skin cells, bacteria, pollen, and just general dust. Not all of these things are eliminated just with a vacuum, and even if your carpets look immaculate most of these things are still there resting under the surface of the carpet.

Salt Can Help Brighten Your Carpet

This might sound a little crazy but it’s a great DIY tip to refresh a carpet between deep cleans. You can sprinkle salt on your carpet or mix it with a little water to dampen it slightly. Let it sit for a little bit and then vacuum it up. Your carpets will look refreshed and a little brighter with some pretty minimal effort on your part.

Regular Deep Cleaning Makes Your Carpet Last Longer

It’s pretty easy to get busy and involved in other things in your life and take your carpet for granted. This might not be the best way to make sure you’re getting the most out of your carpet, though. If dirt is allowed to build up on your carpet it can cause some bigger problems down the road.

Club Soda Really Does Work

You’ve probably heard people say to use club soda to get out carpet stains before. This tip isn’t a new idea, but if you’ve never tried it you’ve probably always wondered if it was really true or just an old wive’s tale. In reality, club soda actually does work for some carpet stains.

Taking Good Care of Your Carpet

Despite your best efforts at cleanliness, your carpet will eventually become the victim of drops, spills, accidents, and whatever’s on the bottom of your shoes. Busy lifestyle, kids, parties, pets or all at once, no matter what, there’re 4 simple rules you must follow in order to ensure the longevity of your carpets.

1. Vacuum them frequently

What do we mean by frequently? – In this case, the synonym would be every single day. Yes, you read it right, it’s the only way to actually pick up all the hidden dirt, soil, and hair particles, especially if pets are involved. Otherwise, all of this will remain stuck into your carpet fabrics.

2. Dust in the house

The household dusting is one of the biggest irritants, especially if you’re allergic, since there’s no cure… The dust, however, is harmful to your carpeting as well. That’s why everyday dusting is part of this list. A new air filter installed in your furnace can be one of your biggest allies along with replacing the dust cloth regularly.

3. Dust in the air duct tonight

You shouldn’t forget to clean your air ducts. It’s the most common place where dust, bacteria and allergens are trapped and can easily make their way through your home’s air vents and onto the carpeting (which in this case sounds like a minor problem).

4. Don’t let it dry

Anytime when there’s a mess on your flooring, don’t let the stain dry before taking care of it. We’ve listed some of the most common blots and how to treat them while they are still fresh below.