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Electrical Upgrades You’ll Want For Your Home

Are you looking for a new house with modern electrical amenities or looking to upgrade your current home? Over the last few years, the power requirements, electrical safety codes, and regulations have changed. Electrical malfunctions are one of the leading causes of fires, which is why it is crucial to upgrade. A house with an old electrical system might not be able to handle modern energy-efficient appliances and hi-tech equipment. The electrical upgrades can improve the overall convenience and safety level of your home. The below mentioned are the top five electrical upgrades for your home.

Automatic lights:

Automated lighting control is convenient, improves home security, and is economical. The amount and quality of light influences our mood, vision, and sleep cycles. Remodeling home light fittings are a great way to upgrade and refurbish your home. People should prioritize both inside and outside lighting controls to protect family members from injuries and keep everyone safe. Installing an automatic light sensor outside your home that can turn on when a person passes by will help keep intruders away. Similarly, installing lights with movement sensors inside the house in the places less-traveled will automatically switch on and off. There are other automatic lights also, like in closets and pantries that work as per your convenience.

Panel Upgrades:

There are many benefits of upgrading the traditional and old electric panels other than enhanced safety and capacity to the house. It also saves a lot of money. An upgraded electrical panel will guarantee a constant flow of electricity and eliminate the problems of flickering lights and the burning of appliances. You will be able to connect more devices without blowing fuses or damaging them. Modern devices require more power than the old machines. They are large and packed with features that only an upgraded electric panel will safely and efficiently handle it.

Arc Fault Protection:

Arc faults occur due to loose or corroded wiring connections and terminals. Over time, these wires generate heat to break down the wiring insulation to ignite a fire. Arc faults may occur due to various reasons like improper installation or breakage of a cable due to stabbing by a nail during installation. Damaged, old extension cords, loose connection outlets, and appliance cable that undergo wear and tear due to heat or over-extension can also cause arc faults. Specialists suggest that you should not use longer than 100 ft extension cord for power distribution, as it can lead to overheating and power surges.

Add GFCI Outlets:

A ground fault happens when electricity passes through an unintended path to the ground. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) breaks the passage of this electricity in case of an imbalance between incoming and outgoing current. It can automatically detect and shut down when the flow of current is along the wrong path. A GFCI is useful when outlets are near areas in your home where water occurs commonly like kitchen, bathroom, basement, and exterior. Those looking for upgrading your home must consider it as a critical component.

Upgrades to consider during a renovation

If you’re adding an addition to your house, renovating an existing living area or building your dream home from the ground up, one of the first steps is to plan your electrical wiring. While you’re planning, don’t forget to consider the details that will keep your home and electronics safe and add convenience to your day-to-day living.

Switch to LED Lighting

A huge improvement can be made by switching over to LED lighting. LED lights run cooler, produce brighter light and use a fraction of the power than regular light bulbs. The price of LED lighting has come down considerably in recent years, and they are now available in warmer colours that are more complimentary to skin tones. LED lights that mimic the light of incandescent bulbs are even available now.

Wire a Media Centre

Are your TV, cable, surround sound, DVD player, etc., cables strewn everywhere? Do you have an octopus of power bars plugged into power bars? This condition is not only unsightly it is dangerous.

Add Surge Protection

Surge bars offer limited protection and are seldom used for appliances. Surge protector power bars for expensive appliances, like your dryer, stove, and HVAC system are not available. By installing a surge protector right at your electrical panel, you can protect your entire home.

Repair Old Add-On Wiring

Add-on circuits are most common in older homes and are the most significant cause of electrical fires. As homeowners and handymen added connections to panels, they often failed to provide proper grounding, made poor connections, used incorrect cable sizes, or installed oversized circuit breakers.

Design a Lighting Plan

Lighting is a crucial element for decorating any living space. A lighting plan should consider the way light is layered, as well as the specific application for which it is intended. Fortunately, today there is a wide selection of bulbs and fixtures to choose from

Add Security Lighting

A motion sensing light can stop a trespasser dead in their tracks. If someone is snooping around your property, the sensor will detect their movement and switch on bright spotlights to scare them off. Motion sensing light also provides you with added safety and convenience by lighting your front porch when you arrive home at night.

Upgrade Electrical Panel

If you’re putting an addition on your home that will increase electrical demand, you will need to have a Licensed Electrician add additional circuit breakers. If your panel is old or damaged it can pose a fire risk and a renovation project is the best time to perform an upgrade to your home’s Electrical Panel.

Electrical Service Upgrades and Repairs

which means that many of these homes have electrical systems that were not built to handle today’s electrical needs. This makes an electric service upgrade not only desirable, but a safety necessity. An obsolete home electrical system trying to handle modern electricity needs is not just inconvenient for home owners who constantly struggle with flickering lights, tripping breakers and too few outlets for too many modern appliances—it can be downright dangerous. Electrical fires account for almost half of the home fires in the United States in any given year, which adds up to over 26,000 fires, $1 billion in property loss, as well as hundreds of people killed and thousands injured.

Call Electric right away if any of the following apply to your home:

The lights constantly flicker anytime we turn on a major appliance

The circuit breakers often trip, and fuses blow

The electric panel overheats

If your electric panel is a Zinsco, Federal Pacific, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand, you definitely need an electric panel upgrade. These panels were recalled years ago for severe safety defects.

You have to use a lot of extension cords, or don’t have enough outlets to power all of your appliances.

Your home has several two-pronged outlets (3-pronged GFCI, or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets are required in new homes as they protect people from getting shocked).

You have recently installed air conditioners, heat pumps, or any other large appliance that draws a lot of electricity.

You have added a new office, workshop, finished basement or other areas to your home.

What an Electric Service Upgrade Involves:

A complete electrical service upgrade to your home is a complex job that, for safety and quality reasons, requires an experienced electrician. It usually involves upgrading electrical service in the home to 200 amps, which is the standard in today’s homes. In some cases, however, an upgrade to 400 amps or more may be necessary.

An electric service upgrade normally involves the complete replacement of electrical service around the house. This includes the line side service entrance cable, meter base, weather head, load side service entrance cable, the grounding and bonding system, and, of course, the electric panel itself. Sometimes, we are able to update the electrical meter and the new electric panel in their original locations, if the layout of the house has not changed much over the years. This situation is generally easier and costs less.

In cases where the structure of the house has changed over the years, however, we may need to relocate the electric panel and/or the meter. While this type of service upgrade is more expensive due to the labor and material involved, the main concern for any electric service upgrade is to ensure your home and family’s safety, as well as making sure that your home can easily handle the electrical demands of modern life.


Have you looked around your home lately and thought it could use a boost in its electrical features? Well, in that case, you should consider electrical upgrades immediately. A home without reliable electricity is a giant safety hazard, especially when it increases the risk of electrical fires and shock. You may even have a difficult time relaxing in your home at all, due to faulty lights and appliances constantly losing power.

we’ll help you avoid that situation altogether with amazing electrical upgrades that will make your home look and feel brand new. Our upgrades will single-handedly improve your property value so it becomes a positive investment on the market.  But most of all, we’ll make your home safer than ever before, allowing you to relax so much more.

What Upgrades Can Improve Your Home?

The next time you want to improve your home’s electricity, we highly recommend any of these upgrades:

Additional Outlets: If your new home needs additional outlets, we can perform the work quickly and efficiently so you no longer have to rely on running a bunch of extension cords through your home. If you don’t have enough outlets, that’s enough of a hassle – if you have broken outlets, that can be downright dangerous. Let us upgrade any type of household outlet.

Whole-Home Surge Protection: Instead of buying several different individual surge protector strips, or worry about running around the house unplugging your vital electronics during a lightning storm, you can opt for a system of surge protectors that work together to protect your home. We can install a system that will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be protected at all times

Outdoor Light Installation: Outdoor lights can add an extra layer of security to your home, illuminating otherwise dark surroundings. Upstate Electrical Solutions can help you design a lighting system that meets all of your needs. Our service includes installation on floodlights, spotlights, and motion sensor lighting.

Electrical Panel Upgrade: An old, worn electrical panel can contain damaged wiring, which leaves your home unprotected from fire hazards and can even cause an electric shock at a damaged power point. Instead of living with the risk and inconvenience of an outdated electrical panel, it’s advisable to get your electrical panel upgraded, especially if your home was built before 1989.

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical systems and equipment that have outlived expected lifespans can create an operational risk to power generating facilities and their personnel. Replacement reduces risk and provides the opportunity for improved system functionality through the latest technologies. Your operators and maintenance workers reap the benefits of the upgrades

Electrical Improvements in Context

System upgrade efforts must be completed within plant outage schedules and project budgets. Our team completes conceptual studies, engineer-procure-construct (EPC) buildouts and everything in between. We have experience with diverse projects in power generation facilities of all sizes.

work with a customized, results-driven approach that focuses attention on critical details during the design phase to avoid issues during construction and startup. Because we have designed, built and commissioned electrical power distribution systems for decades, we have well-established design processes and in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the software tools we use.

capabilities include the full range of system studies, protective relay upgrades and electrical equipment upgrades that your plant could require, enabling improved operation and confirming regulatory compliance.