The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Choosing a Wedding Videographer

Even more than photographs, a wedding video truly captures the spirit and magic of your big day—in living color. And, thanks to advancements in digital technology, the quality of these videos has improved dramatically over the years. Instead of using the large, obtrusive analog (VHS) cameras that were standard 10 years ago, most videographers now shoot with small, discreet digital video cameras.

Basic Service

“Point-and-shoot” videographers, as they’re known, provide only elementary documentation of your day, so they’re your least expensive option (around $1,000). If you’ve seen any of your friends’ wedding videos…well, you get the picture.

While these videos adequately deliver a record of the events, some brides have told us that their “point-and-shoot” videos look a bit cheesy, thanks to the pros’ use of gimmicky animated graphics and sound effects—you might want to tell your pro to tone down these kinds of treatments.

Tips on Finding The Right Videographer For You

The best way to find a reliable videographer who works in the style you want is to get recommendations from friends and family. Your wedding photographer might be able to provide you with a list of names, too; some photographers may even offer videography as part of their services. Or, try the Wedding & Event Videographers Association

You can gauge a particular videographer’s style by first checking out his or her website, where you may be able to view sample reels. If the videographer doesn’t have a web site, or if it’s poorly designed, take it as a sign that he or she is not technologically up to speed. And if that’s the case, keep looking!

Tips to Choose the Best

The most special day in many people’s lives is their wedding day. All the excitement, the family and friends gathered, stories of the ceremony and the party. And the best part is that we can relive this unforgettable day through the photographs. That is why it is important to have someone who is your eyes and heart and help you to record every moment and in the best way possible. The wedding videographer singapore then needs to be chosen with all care and attention.

Set your favorite video style

Before you start looking for the Videographer, choose the style of photo that suits you best and matches your wedding. You can do this by searching the internet, studying referrals, and visiting online portfolios.

Search a lot before hiring

As soon as you choose your preferred style of videography, start searching for professionals who work in that line. This moment is very important, and we must be very careful!

Do not choose the wedding Videographer for the price

Following this line of reasoning, do not also hire the Videographer for your wedding thinking only of the price. Always have as primordial in choosing the quality, not the value that is being charged.

Ask questions about delivery times

Before hiring a wedding videographer singapore, ask questions about deadlines for delivery of the final material. Mainly, see who you’re hiring is responsible enough that you do not have any headaches. Therefore, check the contract for fines in case of delay, and make it clear before closing any deal.

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Videographer

Your wedding video will probably be the most treasured DVD in your collection, ranking higher than your beloved Friends and Grey’s Anatomy box sets combined. It’s a document of your happiest day, so it should live up to the memories. From your walk down the aisle to scooting off in your getaway car, we have some tips on how to find a wedding videographer capable of capturing it all (and making it look good).

Do your research

Kick off your hunt for a wedding videographer with some good old fashioned research. When it comes to wedding videos, they’re not hard to come by. Watch videos in our wedding videography directory and also reach out to recently married family members and friends. Happy couples and videographers normally flood their social media pages with their wedding videos, so check YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest (they’re usually not shy about hashtagging, making them easy to find). Your pals will no doubt have a few extra copies of their recorded nuptials that they’d be willing to pass along. While these steps may not lead you to a specific videographer, they’ll get you acquainted with different filming and editing techniques. You’ll want to take notes on what you like and what you don’t like so that you can let your videographer know later down the line.

Consult the pros

Getting info from friends and family is a good start, but they’re not tapped into the wedding business like your other wedding vendors. Ask the ones you’ve already lined up for suggestions – there’s a good chance they’ve collaborated with a stellar wedding videographer in the past and could point you in the right direction. Your wedding photographer or wedding planner is also bound to know one or two, especially if they’ve been working in the industry for several years. If you let them know what you’re looking for in a videographer, they’ll probably be able to help out. Tip: you’ll want to mention any special considerations so that you’re not looking in the wrong places. For example, you may want someone familiar with filming your type of wedding ceremony or someone who is LGBTQ friendly.

Read wedding videographer reviews

While you may consider yourself an instinctive person, now’s not the time to trust your gut. Reading wedding videographer reviews is an essential part of the process as it will give you the lowdown on your desired candidates’ professionalism and camera abilities.

Hash out some details before diving in too deep

Feel free to start browsing as soon as your S.O. slides a ring onto your finger, but don’t get too invested in the process just yet. Before you start booking consultations with videographers you should sort out a few key wedding details. It’s important to know the where and when of your big day so that you can book with your desired wedding videographer. You may also want to wait until you’ve pinned down a wedding photographer. Some studios will offer both videography and photography and will offer you a dynamic duo that’s already familiar with one another.

Wedding Video Tips: Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Wedding videography has provided the bride and grooms nowadays the opportunity to have produced a marvelous video documentary of their wedding. Today’s couples invest in selecting the ideal reception venue, bridal flower bouquets, wedding cakes, wedding ceremony decorations, invitations, wedding dress and possibly end on that checklist is the wedding videos. But wedding videography should not be neglected because it preserves the memoir of the wedding celebration.

Actually, there are two options to record virtually every significant event in a person’s lifestyle. Through wedding photography and videography, all the stuff you wish to recall a decade in the future like the laughters and tears, the fun times with your bridesmaids and best man, and all that jazz. The wedding photographer has to direct and pose the couple and their guests to be able to position those worthwhile wedding album images. The videographer, alternatively, has to blend on the background and record additional informal scenes like a ninja!

Your videographer should be ready to frame an incredible scene, and change things around from wide angle shots to close-up macro and not merely a series of extended shots panning across the whole room.

Documentary Video Style – reveals the events as it happen continuously right from the start through the end of the wedding

Cinematic Video Style – filmed and edited to represent the captured wedding videography as a movie film that includes special effects like black and white film, slow motion, or additional sound track

Marketing Tips for Wedding Videographers

The wedding business is one of the most stable markets in existence. People will always get married. As such, engaged couples will always search for a venue, bakery, wedding photographer, DJ, and wedding videographer. This also means that the industry is very competitive. Ranging from your cousin’s roommate’s nephew that just got a camera to full-fledged production houses, you will need to find a way to stand out.

Update your website.

You have to have a website. Even if you aren’t happy with how the site looks, make sure you have something up. Your site should at least include your most recent video highlight reels, a brief biography, and contact information. You can make the site more interesting by writing blogs about each video you post. There you can talk about the wedding day and link to other vendors that worked the event. When couples look for videographers, they will search for videographers in the same city as their venue. Be sure to list your location on your website, as well as any other locations you have filmed in before. Make sure to update the website with your newest highlight reels.

Have easy-to-read materials.

When a couple reaches out to you, don’t respond with a novel-length email. Have a nice brochure for them to look through. Even if it’s just a digital single page brochure, send them a nice and informative PDF. Include a breakdown of the pricing, as well as payment options. Even if the prices adjust and aren’t yet fixed, at least offer a starting price. If you offer several different package options, be sure to break down what each package offers.

Use Facebook Pages.

Don’t rely on a personal Facebook account. Have a separate business account. This will help with analytics and target marketing. Whenever you release a new wedding highlight reel, you can use the “Boost Post” feature on Facebook. You can promote your film to show up in various news feeds. The best part is targeting your boost by selecting engaged couples as your target audience.

Get to know other vendors — even other videographers!

Knowing other vendors is crucial to your success. There will be vendors you don’t enjoy working with, and there will be some you wish you could work with all the time. One of the best things you can do is reach out to other vendors, especially the ones you have already worked with. The two of you can cross-promote each other to couples. Some couples will ask you for recommendations.  You will look like a seasoned pro when you offer a list of the best coordinators, DJs, and photographers